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Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson
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My experience in the mortgage industry began in June 2004, when I was able to start my career as a loan officer with one of the biggest loan origination companies in the industry. Through their top-notch training program and months of rehearsing scripts and taking my fair share of “no’s”, I was able to see some success very early in my career and by 2005, with only 1 year of experience under my belt, achieved the dream of many and bought my first home. I used a mortgage broker that I was referred to by one of my new co-workers and since I was fairly new to the business, I trusted them with the transaction. Back then there were many more options and products in the mortgage market landscape and at that time the broker was able to get me a 0% down, 12-month bank statement loan which I loved at the time. Looking back, it was the worst financial decision of my life and it set me back for years. After only 2 years, the mortgage meltdown was in full effect, mortgage companies were closing their doors left and right, loan applications were not coming in so the checks got smaller and smaller until eventually, the entire mortgage industry was on freeze. I was devastated and after long ran out of choices, I had to short-sale my home, move back in with my parents, and eat humble pie for a while.

I know this is the story for many people in the past decade and the road back is not easy, but it is possible and worth the lessons learned along the way. This experience taught me the value of being an ethical business person. It taught me how the value of being a mortgage professional whose experience and knowledge can make an incredible difference in the lives of those I serve. The experience taught me that if I can use my lesson as a guide to always be upfront with others so they can avoid a bad financial decision or make a wise one. If I do that, at the very least, I will know I’ve done right by that person and their family. More than anything, my almost 2 decades of experience in this industry has taught me that the repercussions or benefits of the choices that we make today will have longstanding effects in the future.

As a full-service lender, Primary Residential Mortgage Inc, offers a full suite of products from Conventional, FHA, VA, and down payment assistance. I work with a wide range of buyers from first-time homebuyers to seasoned real estate investors and can communicate on all levels up down and in-between. In addition, I enjoy working with all real estate agents (new and old) on how we can communicate and make the process for our mutual client as smooth and painless as possible. I welcome new agent partnerships through my committee work with Habitat for Humanity Hillsborough and our sponsorship affiliation with The Greater Tampa Association of Realtors. As a life-long Tampa resident, it means so much to be able to give back to the community that has shown me how much hard work and a commitment to faith can lead you to success, and it’s my turn to pay it forward thru my work to those I serve.

Florida- Florida Office of Financial Regulation MLD646.